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accented caraceres and Tcl/Tk problem

Hi all!

I changed the line 

    XkbKeymap   "xfree86(us)"


    XkbKeymap   "xfree86(us_intl)"

in XF86Config but I am having problems with accented characters in Tcl/Tk
applications such as TkCon (the Tk console)

Instead of using " and ' the application puts \250 and \260 characters
which are similar to the others (if your email client support, the chars
are ¨ and ´).

Scilab is other application that has the same problem (I don't know wich
toolkit is used in scilab).

Other Tk applications such as IDLE (Python console) works fine.

Any suggestions to solve this problem?


 * MARCIO ROSA DA SILVA                    e-mail: marcio@exatas.unisinos.br
 * Assistant Professor                             mrsva@iname.com
 * Electrical Engineering Department
 * Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos - UNISINOS
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