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Re: [Updated] PPP Rx errors...

Sean Richardson wrote:

> Well... I have continued to play with this...switching between suse and
> debian...and have been able to partially fix the problem.
> By setting my wvdial baud rate down to 57600 from 115200 i get only
> 1 error in 1000 packets... which is respectable...
> However, I would still like to know why 115200 works without a single
> error on the SuSE setup...but with the same settings debian gives me
> errors...
> I am using an external USR v.everything modem on a 16550A serial port...
> The SuSE box was 6.4 with a 2.2.14 kernel..and the debian box is potato
> with the 2.2.15 kernel... all the versions seem to be the same (wvdial,
> pppd, etc...)
> any ideas? anyone?

My first guess is that it's either the difference in the kernel or how the kernel was
compiled. One way to tell would be to do a quick compile of the 2.2.14 kernel with
the same options you had selected with SuSE and see if that cures the problem.

I know that currently on my box the 2.2.14 gives me better ppp performance then the

After compiling 2.2.16 yesterday my ppp became very erratic - sometimes connecting
with either a crummy baud rate or a good baud rate with no transfer of data. When I
boot with my 2.2.14 boot floppy, wvdial and pppd work flawlessly.  Since in my
experience most of these problems are caused by the user (me :-)) I'm going to
recompile the 2.2.16 with exactly the same selections as the 2.2.14 and see if the
problem goes away.

If I find any definitive answer, I'll post the results. If not...... I'll keep



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