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Re: Cannot echo capital M

"M.K.Pai" wrote:
> Guys,
> I am facing a rather strange problem.
> I am unable to echo the character "M" on my bash prompt.
> I am able to get M by
> perl -e 'print chr(77);'
> I am even able to put it in an email. Note the "M" right here.
> But at the bash prompt, I just don't get any M.
> Most important, other users on this system, like root and all
> others, are having no problems at all
> Please help.

Do you have in .bash_profile, .bashrc, .profile, or any of
those other dotfiles, or in any script they call a `stty ...`
line that sets M to be a control character of some kind?
Maybe some editing mangled it.  Maybe a ^ was left out.

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