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Re: Apache-www-pages pr... now working

On Thu, 27 Jul 2000, virtanen wrote:

> It was really hard to find, what was wrong. The FAQ was not very helpful. 
> I had tried many times to write this .htaccess file and creating passwords
> as well, but I did not know that:
> ******************************************** 
> I had to change in 
> /etc/apache/htaccess.conf 
> the line: 
> AllowOverride None 
> for the line: 
> AllowOverride All
> ********************************************
> and stop and start the apache server... 
> Now it is done and working. 
> Thanks all. 
> hvirtane@cc.jyu.fi


To explain it a little bit more detailed (maybe this will help somebody):

I did it using really basic ways:

I created an ".htaccess" file:

AuthUserFile /var/www/flist/.htpasswd
AuthGroupFile /var/www/flist/.htgroup
AuthName ByPassword
AuthType Basic
<Limit GET>
require group these-users

and then I made an ".htgroup" file:
these-users: matti pekka heikki

And created the passwords... 

htpasswd .htpasswd heikki
htpasswd .htpasswd matti
htpasswd .htpasswd pekka

Changed in:

the line 
"AllowOwerride None"
"AllowOwerride All"

Stopped and started apache... 

(I know that the .htpasswd file should be somewhere else for security
reasons, but I just wanted to see, if it will work... and it worked.) 

The more modern methods to do the same suggested in Apache documentation
FAQ... what are the other security issues besides the places of the files? 
What should be done otherwise? 


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