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Advansys 3940UA Ultra-SCSI controller recommended?

I can get this controller from buy.com for CDN$79 so it's very
cheap.  I intent to use it mostly for external devices (CDRW,
Zip, and an Ultra-SCSI ORB 2.2 GB removable-media drive).
Anyone have comments or better suggestions? 


BTW, I already have an Adaptec 2940U Ultra-SCSI controller, but
lately a disk has been acting up and I'm getting reset errors,
and this tends to happen more if I connect my external devices.
Anyway, I'm thinking my next computer (at work) won't be using
SCSI disks anymore, so I'll need a controller for the external
SCSI I'll move over.  So why no buy it now?  (The Adaptec will
stay in the current computer, which will be cascaded down to
another employee).


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