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Re: Background mail transfers

Alan said:
>   A quick question on the verge of this discussion ... I am about to
> setup fetchmail to collect my email from my ISP via diald (as described in
> this thread) but would also like to redistribute the mail once collected
> to individual user accounts based on the alias (contents of the mail "To:"
> field). Does anyone have a fetchmailrc or similar script that does this

If the messages are going to different accounts on the mail server, you can
have multiple entries in your .fetchmailrc of the form "user foo there is bar
here".  If they're all going to the same account, you'll need to use procmail
or exim (or whatever) filters to divide them up.

> (also - what user account does it run under?).

Whoever runs it.  The default install of fetchmail does not run

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