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Re: ATA 66 support in Debian

Hi Petr!

I found a similar problem!

I was using my Maxtor on the mother board IDE with a normal cable and all
was well. I later changed the disk to the secondary mother board IDE
channel and installed an 80 pin cable to use at UDMA 66. The boot messages
indicated that UDMA 33 was still being used. This was also true of a
Seagate disk on the same channel and cable.

I added more disks, so I added a controller card (Hot Rod 66) and applied
all patches necessary to use this card under 2.2.16. When I connected the
Maxtor to the card, the system froze frequently and would only happily run
off the mother board controllers (at 33). I also started experiencing data
corruption on my SCSI disks!

I then tried the disk on the card again with a low density cable and it
hasn't complained since, my SCSI disks haven't complained and the system
has been running without rebooting for neary two weeks.

I also have the Seagate disk on the new card running at 66 and it hasn't
complained once.

To me this indicates two problems:

1) The driver for the mother board doesn't do 66
2) Maxtor drives are rubbish!

I know this doesn't help you, but maybe you're better off not trying!


--On Friday, July 14, 2000 10:09 +0200 Petr Danek <pdanek@novitech-za.sk>

Hi all,
i use Debian 2.1 slink but it looks that ATA66 doesnt work - HD  Maxtor
Diamond Max. Is ATA66 supported in Debian, if so what to do ?

Thanks Petr

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