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Re: Apache-www-pages protection... now working

On Thu, 27 Jul 2000 jbardin@imagelinks.com wrote:

> virtanen wrote:
> > as a newbie for running apache I wanted to know an easy method to give
> > access to certain web-pages for restricted selected users only (using
> > passwords).
> >
> > hvirtane@cc.jyu.fi

> The apache documentation has the answer for this question in ther FAQ at
> www.apache.org
> here is and example 
.htaccess for your ease... but please read and re-read the apache
> documentation itis very thoruogh and it covers more seriuos security 
issues than what
i porpose to you today.
> //////////////////// begin .htaccess remiove comments when you implement
> //////////////////////
AuthUserFile   /usr/home/jeftep/gamesigpasswd  
#path to password file created by htpasswd
AuthName       "!leave if you don't belong!" # jsuta label
AuthType       Basic
allow from .domain.com # allow from selected domain can be a subset of an
i[p sucha as 192.168
require valid-user 
# if noit from that domain ask for a password
satisfy any 
# anyhting will make me happy and let you look atthe pages

It was really hard to find, what was wrong. The FAQ was not very helpful. 

I had tried many times to write this .htaccess file and creating passwords
as well, but I did not know that:

I had to change in 

the line: 
AllowOverride None 
for the line: 
AllowOverride All

and stop and start the apache server... 

Now it is done and working. 
Thanks all. 


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