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Re: 128 bit encryption netscape?

Bruce Stephens wrote:
> Tom Pfeifer <tplists@optonline.net> writes:
> > Take a look at the News section at the fortify site here:
> >
> > http://www.fortify.net/intro.html
> This says that Fortify is on hold, since 128bit Netscape is available
> worldwide.  I knew that already.  What I was asking was why the Debian
> packages don't offer the 128bit version, even though the changelog
> implies that they do (or so it seems to me---am I misreading it?)..
> It means that (for non-US people) there's no apt-get way of getting a
> 128bit Netscape 4.73, whereas there is for 4.72.  Presumably there's
> no change for US people?

It's the same situation for all of us. The 4.73 communicator package
doesn't get you 128 bit encryption, and requires the extra step of
replacing the 56 bit binary with the 128 bit binary from the tar.gz
installation. For what it's worth, that changelog is for the
netscape-base-473 package. That package doesn't install any Netscape

root@newdebian:~# dpkg -L netscape-base-473

I don't know if there are any plans to package the 128 bit version....


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