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Re: [Q] virus susceptibility data

Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
> William T Wilson <fluffy@snurgle.org> writes:
> > On 18 Jul 2000, Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
> >
> > > I'm looking for any kind of info on vulnerability to viruses on Debian
> > > and/or Linux.  Pointers to anti-virus programs are also very welcome.
> >
> > There are no anti-virus programs because there are no viruses.
> The followup by Phil Brutsche says otherwise.

For all intention's purposes, there are no Linux virui. Strickly
speaking this is not true -- there have been virii created for Linux in
the past, but they are not 'in the wild'.

Here are some links to Linux virus information:
Stoag - the first known Linux virus

Bliss - the second known Linux virus

These are the only Linux virii in the F-Secure database. (F-Secure are
the makers of the F-Prot virus software for windows. The also make an
SSH terminal program).

I would say that %99.999 of Linux users have not seen either of these
virii (I know I haven't). The F-Secure site says that it believes that
Stoag is not in circulation. I would think the same for Bliss as well.

Can you count the number of Windows virii on one hand?

No anti-virus software is required, even with 2 Linux virii. The 'bliss'
virus even has a command line switch that causes it to remove itself!


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