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Re: /etc/modules load/don't load

Kent West <westk@acu.edu> writes:
KW> So my question is: Why are the vfat and serial and smbfs loading when
KW> they are commented out of /etc/modules, but the 3c59x module does not
KW> load when it's commented out?

Because kmod doesn't know that your Ethernet card is a 3c59x.  When it 
tries to configure your Ethernet interface, it sees no available
Ethernet drivers and so tries to 'modprobe eth0', which fails.  Adding 
'alias eth0 3c59x' somewhere under /etc/modutils should DWYW.

KW> And my second question: should I specifically load modules via
KW> /etc/modules, or should I leave that file empty and let kmod
KW> handle the modules?

I like to let kmod do the work, but YMMV.  If something's primary
user-space interface is a /proc entry (e.g. lm-sensors), there's not a 
good way to auto-load it, and you'll need to explicitly load the
relevant modules with lines in /etc/modules.

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	-- Abra Mitchell

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