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burner & sound

I've got three problems.....

I've had a debian 2.2 system set up on a Dell Dimension XPS T450
With mostly no problems.  When I installed the system I choose 
the yamaha sound module, but although it said it installed 
correctly, I'm now sure it was the wrong one.  The sound chip in 
this systems is a yamaha ds-xg...Does anyone know how to fix 
this and get the sound to work correctly?  

second,  I installed an ide CD-Rom Burner.  It's recognized by the 
system, as /dev/hdc  I can mount it, but xcdroast does not see it.  
I read the how to, and attempted to install the ide-scsi emulator.  I 
see it start up on boot, but When I open xcdroast, it still does not 
recognize the burner.  How can I check to see what I did wrong, 
and How do I fix it?  I don't know if it matters, but I'm running 
enlightenment as my window manager.

third...If I install a progam as root, how do I make it available to be 
executed by others.  For example, if I install star office as root, I 
want to make it available to be used by user jondoe, How?


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