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Building Debian Packages by Example: Packaging dlkern

                The Philadelphia Area Debian Society (PADS)

          Building Debian Packages by Example:  Packaging dlkern

          Wednesday 19 July 2000, 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM
          Chris Fearnley, Chief Technology Officer, LinuxForce Inc.
          IQ Group's Technology Lab
          The Constitution Building, 12th floor, Suite 1200
          325 Chestnut Street
          Philadelphia, PA
   We will demonstrate the building of a Debian package by preparing a .deb file
   for dlkern, a package to download the Linux kernel and verify its signature.
   Dlkern is a very simple one file script. Therefore this session will cover only
   the very basics of Debian Package building.

   Social Dinner
   Attendees are invited to gather for dinner prior to the meeting at 6:30 PM at
   Dock Street Brew Pub at the Terminal (215-922-4292), 1150 Filbert Street,
   Philadelphia, PA. Please RSVP so we can get an appropriate sized table.

   Keysigning Notes

   If you want your key signed by other members and/or Debian developers,
   please follow these instructions carefully.

   To facilitate the keysigning, please send an e-mail to Chris Fearnley
   <Chris@CJFearnley.com> with the following details about your public
     * Your real name * Your email address * Your User ID, as it appears
     on their public key. In most (all?)  * cases, this
       should be a mixture of your real name, plus your email address.
     * Your Key ID * Your Key Size (bits) * Your Key Fingerprint *
     The contents of your public key * The type of key (RSA in most cases)

   GPG users should use "gpg --export --armor NAME " to retrieve their
   key and "gpg --fingerprint NAME" to retrieve their fingerprint and
   KeyID. For PGP users, most of this information can be obtained by
   typing "pgp -kvc <username>".

   Finally, please bring positive picture ID to the meeting as well as a copy of
   all of the information that you send to Chris by e-mail.

   Note: The Keysigning Parties Page has an overview of keysigning get-togethers.
   Many Thanks to David Coe for providing this link.

Christopher J. Fearnley     |   LinuxForce Inc.
cjf@LinuxForce.net          |   Chief Technology Officer
http://www.LinuxForce.net   |   Design Science Revolutionary
               "Dare to be Naïve" -- Bucky Fuller

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