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Re: Adding sound card ?

On Sat, 15 Jul 2000, Jay Kelly wrote:

> Ok group,
> I want to add a sound card (SoundBlaster16) and want to make sure I 
> have the step right. I have compiled the kernel for pnp support. When
> I look in Sound options, I cant see my sound card. Which driver
> should I choose? My sound is a old Soundblaster 16 ISA card. And 
> should I select module or build it in the kernel ? Last time I tried
> to get the sound going I couldnt so any tips would be a great
> help.
> thanks

	Take a really good look here first:


	It says that SB 16 should work, according to the supposed hardware
section. Not sure which module that would be, offhand. I'm just guessing,
but what about sb.o?


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