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Re: Background mail transfers

On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Alan wrote:

A>   A quick question on the verge of this discussion ... I am about to setup
A>   fetchmail to collect my email from my ISP via diald (as described in this
A>   thread) but would also like to redistribute the mail once collected to
A>   individual user accounts based on the alias (contents of the mail
A>   "To:" field). Does anyone have a fetchmailrc or similar script that does
A>   this (also - what user account does it run under?).

I use exim/.forward file macros for the simple things on some mail accounts and
.procmailrc for the more complex things, .procmailrc have its own manpage
procmailrc(5). And to answer your second question, it runs under the user
account from which you run the fetchmail.


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