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Re: cannot compile ppp-2.4.x

Pollywog <pollywog@shadypond.com> writes:

> On 21-Jul-2000 Mario Olimpio de Menezes wrote:
> > that info was the reason of my question! I read that also in Changes and
> > as I didn't find ppp-2.4 for debian I just held the upgrade for now!
> > 
> > any success Pollywog?
> I am using PPP 2.3.11 with kernel 2.4.0 test4 and it works fine :)
> As for my problem with PPPoE, that is solved too.  Seems I put the signal
> splitter on my line backwards (don't laugh).  I cannot connect to my DSL with
> Enternet, but Roaring Penguin did it just fine, so I no longer need
> to upgrade PPP.

My PPP connection works with linux 2.2.13 but not 2.4.0.
Could you please tell me which parameters you are using for a PPP
connection using a modem with kernel-2.4.0-test4 and ppp 2.3.11?
Which kernel modules do you have to load?

Thank you,


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