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apsfilter on Epson Stylus Color... Who can help?

I've grown a long grey beard (no, not really :) ...) about the
following problem: Attempting to print a simple text file with
"lpr filename" on my Epson Stylus Color 600 produces a single line:

        Unknown device: escp2

Then it prints the same sentence on new sheets of paper over and over
again, so that I have to remove the paper to stop the printer.

The standard printcap entry by apsfilter looks like this:

        lp|lp2|escp2-a4-auto-mono|escp2 auto mono:\

The corresponding logfile tells me something like this:

        [Total: 1 page on 1 sheet]
        /usr/lib/apsfilter/filter/aps-escp2-a4-auto-mono: line 111:  
246 Broken pipe
                  $DECOMPRESS a2ps ${A2PS_OPTS}
               247 Done(1)                 | eval $PRINT_PS

I made several troubleshooting checks:

1. I created a simple printcap entry, which worked just fine. It looked
like this:


2. a2ps and rewindstdin seem to be correctly installed, although not in
/usr/lib/apsfilter (the base directory) as proposed, but in
/usr/lib/apsfilter/bin. To be sure, i copied the two files into the
base directory, but the problem remained.

3. Ghostscript (gs) is installed (as well as netpbm and two
jpeg-libraries: libjpeg62 and libjpegg6a). gs resides in the /usr/bin
directory, which is in the search path of GLOBAL.sh as required.

4. I even forced some debugging output, but I haven't learnt shell
scripting yet, so I don't know what to make of it ... If someone is
interested in this, I will post it.

Have I forgotten something? Did I choose the wrong printer driver
(escp2)? Do I need to install additional packages (like X, which I don't
have at present)? Who has experience in using apsfilter on an Epson?
Please, answer...

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