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Re: Any recommendations for notebooks that work well with Linux?

	Sorry Rogerio to sending the message to you twice. Absent-minded I am.


	If Microsoft has not changed its contract (EULA or similar) you can demand
a refund for the OS you are not going to use. I read this from a man in
Australia that also wiped W98 to use just Red Hat in its notebook. He had
to deal with surprised Toshiba people and wait some months, but at last he
had his check. I thought you would find this interesting as you mention
your budget.

	Found this on Altavista about eight months ago.


At 19.39 11/7/00 -0300, heu escrit:
>	Dear fellow users,
>	I'm now in the market for a portable computer and I'd like to
>	buy an inexpensive notebook (I've got a limited budget for
>	that). While a have considerable experience with running Linux
>	for desktop computers, I have never used a notebook for more
>	than a few minutes.

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