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Re: ack! ssh, telnet and smtp don't accept outside requests

Quoth Raphael Crawford-Marks, 
> about two weeks ago, my server (running Potato) stopped accepting ssh,
> smtp and telnet requests.  I would be able to connect on the respective
> ports, but would be disconnected shortly thereafter before receiving a
> login prompt.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled all of the packages.  The
> weird thing is, Apache and a mud I run on port 9000 are working just
> fine.  My server is doing IPmasq, and any computer on the local network
> can get in just fine (ssh, telnet and smtp).

I'm not certain it's the same problem, but I also recently had a problem
using SSH to connect to certain machines. It seems that the cause was
that some time recently ssh changed so that it's reverse socket
(probably not the right term, the port that it connects to on your
machine to form a socket to port 22 on the other machine) connects to a
priveleged port (below 1024 or something). On my machine, these ports
were firewalled.

Sorry, that's probably a really bad description. The solution for me was
to use the -P option on ssh (Don't allocate a privileged port). This may
possibly be your ssh problem if you have a firewall. Don't know about
your smtp and telnet problems though.



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