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Re: <pedantic>Scale</pedantic>

Quoting Eric G . Miller (egm2@jps.net):
> On Tue, Jul 11, 2000 at 12:33:25AM +0200, Harald Thingelstad wrote:
> > Sorry to break in but..
> > Looking upon the earth as flat is a fine assumption if you're working on a
> > small scale.
> You've got that backwards. Small scale is large area, large scale is
> small area, cartographically.

You've just changed the game by adding the word "cartographically".

Harald made no mention of maps. His use of the expression "small scale"
was completely correct.

"Small scale tests were carried out before the process was introduced
on a large scale." What's wrong with that?

> It helps to remember that cartographic
> scales are a fractional representation.  1:5,000 is large scale, while
> 1:100,000 scale is small scale (1/5000 vs. 1/100,000).  That is <one
> unit on the map>:<n units on the planet>.

Also correct, but irrelevant.


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