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Re: can't login with kdm

make sure your not using any kde2 packages, i had a similar problem when i
tried to install kde2. if your not using kde2 then it sounds like a
misconfigured windowmanager, i'd start X from 'startx' (as root) and run
the kcontrol program(part of kdebase i believe) and check the
configuration of KDM  (via the 'login' settings)


On Sat, 29 Jul 2000, Dan Pomohaci wrote:

dan >Hi,
dan >
dan >I can't login with kdm. I put the user name, the password, and the process
dan >of login is starting but after few seconds it returns to login
dan >screen. I can login in text mode, and startx works OK. Xdm works fine but
dan >gdm has the same behavior.
dan >This problem appears after some upgrade in potato two weeks ago. The
dan >kde I use is from kde.tdyc.com but I don't think is kde fault because
dan >before these potato upgrades the same kde version worked OK.
dan >
dan >Thanks,
dan >Dan Pomohaci
dan >
dan >
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