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Re: ack! ssh, telnet and smtp don't accept outside requests


I had kind of the same problem. As it turned out, it was right after an
apt-get upgrade I did... Figured it messed up my system. As it turned
out, I had switched ISP's and my current isp is blocking ports!!! I moved
ssh to a new port and it works fine now, just a pain to tell everyone to use
a NON-standard port to find my sshd.... Hope you figure it out.


On Fri, 28 Jul 2000, Raphael Crawford-Marks wrote:
> about two weeks ago, my server (running Potato) stopped accepting ssh,
> smtp and telnet requests.  I would be able to connect on the respective
> ports, but would be disconnected shortly thereafter before receiving a
> login prompt.  I've uninstalled and reinstalled all of the packages.  The
> weird thing is, Apache and a mud I run on port 9000 are working just
> fine.  My server is doing IPmasq, and any computer on the local network
> can get in just fine (ssh, telnet and smtp).
> This happened quite suddenly, and I can't think of anything I may have
> done to cause this.
> Any thoughts?
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