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Re: apt-move, merge ??

> But here's the deal. I have multiple debian (potato) machines on my
> network, and only one with the disk space for a mirror. It's a server
> and doesn't have X installed. However, pretty much all the other Linux
> boxen on the net will have X installed.
> [snip]
> apt-get wouldn't work in the first place). Is there a straightforward
> way to merge the debs on the client box into my partial mirror on my
> server?

I have tried that but...

first I would download X to server, by just adding extra switch, which
just makes apt-get just download, not install.

apt-get install -d xserver-<server_type>

man apt-get says:
       -d, --download-only
              Download  only;  package  files are only retrieved,
              not unpacked  or  installed.   Configuration  Item:
and next I would move those packages to local partial mirror by
apt-move. Propably these are good candinates.

apt-move move

       move   Moves  a collection of packages into the local mir-
              ror tree.  Uses existing master files (see get)  to
              repair any mangling done to the package names.  Any
              packages that aren't listed  in  the  master  files
              will be left in the file cache directory.
apt-move packages

              Builds  new  local  versions  of  Packages.gz   and
              Sources.gz files.

or, if you want make deletions automagically, then:
apt-move local

       local  This  is an alias, equivalent to 'move delete pack-
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