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Re: cdrom cant read audio cds?

Matthew M Carroll wrote:
> I have a  Vendor: PLEXTOR  Model: CD-ROM PX-32TS   Rev: 1.02 cdrom, and I
> cant get it to mount an audio cdrom, this is a problem because I would
> like to encode my cds into mp3 :). If anyone has any suggestions to get
> this working, or if anyone could recommend a good fast scsi cdrom for
> ripping audio cds I would greatly appreciate it.

I used a program called grip to encode my CD collection.  At no time was the
CD mounted.  Since an audio CD doesn't have a filesystem, there's no way you
can mount it.  It just ain't gonna happen.

As far as I've been able to figure, the ripper does an access to the raw
device - for example, on my laptop the CDROM drive is /dev/hdc, and the
ripper just goes straight to /dev/hdc without even thinking about doing a

Might sound a bit odd, but hey ... that's just the way it is. ::shrug::  I'm
not real sure about it all, but it works.
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