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Re: BIOS and hardware configuration for GA-5AX Gigabyte mainboard

* Conrado Badenas in "BIOS and hardware configuration for GA-5AX
* Gigabyte mainboard" dated 2000/07/17 19:02 wrote:

> Hi, all!
> Is anyone out there who owns a GA-5AX (rev 5.x) gigabyte mainboard? I
> would like to know the best BIOS and hardware configuration for my
> system. Now I cannot compile linux kernel because of signal 11 raises
> (Segmentation fault). I've read the Signal 11 FAQ
> (http://www.BitWizard.nl/sig11/) and I need some help.

I don't own a GA-5AX but I might be able to help.

> The system characteristics follow:
> CPU: AMD-K6-2/450 (2.4 V) (dmesg says "AMD-K6(tm) 3D processor
> stepping 0c")
> SPEED: 100MHz (external) x4.5=450MHz (internal)
> DRAM: 1 DIMM of 128Mb (10 ns, I think) (How can I know it?)

If it is 10ns it will probably not work on a 100MHz bus. I've only seen
one 10ns stick work out of about a dozen, and it only worked for about
a week. You can try one of the memory tester programs in the hwtools
package to see if it is a problem with your memory, errors should start
showing up very quickly.

About identifying it, if you look at the chips usually the last number
will be the speed, eg. WTC626812B-10 is a 10ns chip, I believe my 8ns
chips say something -8. Hopefully yours follows suit.

> Kernel compilation is not the only sympthom: sometimes the X11 server
> caughts signal 11 and exists, which is VERY annoying (good spelling?).

It probably is your memory. The memory is overclocked and will
sometimes (usually?) return bad data, which can be, well, bad.

Ashley Clark

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