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Re: cannot talk with AT modem

> Having the modem recognize the Hayes AT command language is not a reliable
> indicator.  Many winmodem drivers have an AT command interpreter to
> satisfy older programs.

When I bought the modem I was assured it is not a winmodem
(software modem) but a hardware modem.
I also searched the web and it seems it is not a winmodem.

> According to the USRobitics web site, this is a PCI modem device; are you
> able to open the case on your computer to verify that?

Yes it is a PCI modem, I am sure of this.

> The contents of the file /proc/pci will also tell us if this is a PCI
> modem.

I don't really understand output, but typing by hand what seems
to be relevant:

PCI devices found:
  Bus 0, device 11, function 0:
    Serial controller: Unknown vendor Unknown device (rev 1).
      Vendor id=12b9. Device id=1008.
      Medium devsel. IRQ 5.
      I/O at 0xd400
There are 5 more devices:
  Multimedia audio controller, vendor 1274(Ensoniq) device 5800
  IDE interface, vendor 1022(AMD) device 7409
  ISA bridge, vendor 1022 device 7408
  PCI bridge, vendor 1022 device 7007
  Host bridge, vendor 1022 device 7006


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