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Re: [OFFTOPIC] Eudora mail client behind MASQ'ing debian?

Eudora 4.3 sounds like the best option.  http://www.eudora.com/

Please - why so many masqerading layers? Who is dialing-up who? Where is her mail server in relation to the masq boxes?

At 09:44 AM 7/18/00 -0600, you wrote:

i have a client going trough the roof cause she can't send any mail with
Eudora (v3.01 or around there). her machine is behind a debian box (potato
not-so-current, k2.2.14) which masq's. that potato box is behind another one
that masq's her (same potato), which in turn is behind a really old POS
slakware 4.0, kernel 2.0.33 which masq's everything to the net.

i remember that like 3 months ago (when we installed their network) she had
the same prob, i read around a bit, remember seeing something about eudora
having probs behind masq'ing boxen running linux. but then she stopped
complaining and told us the prob was fixed, so we didn't care. a week ago
she starts calling again, bitchin every five minutes. so the question is: is
there a prob with eudora? or should i look in the linux boxen?

more info: if she dials-up, she can send mail. with outlook express i can
send mail. her box got rebuild like two weeks ago, and since then eudora
craps out ('Connection Refused' error) when sending mail. i can send mail
telnetting to port 25 of her mail server, so the rules are fine (i guess).


Alberto Brealey.

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