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Re: apt-get problems

Frodo Baggins wrote:

> >> I messed up some files on my system and needed to
> >> reinstall everything again. When I was finished with
> >> all my packages I wanted to run "apt-get update".
> >>
> >> apt-get fetched all the lists but when it was reading/parsing
> >> the lists, I got an error message:
> >>
> >> E: Dynamic MMap ran out of room!

> It's not exactly the same thing, but I'd like to give you a warn (I

Yes, because it has happened during apt-get update, and not during upgrade.

> Well, I did it. I even allocated 128Mb, just to be on the sure
> side. But during istallation it crashed. Infact, apt uses a
> subdirectory of /var to put packages dowloaded but not yet installed
> and at installation time you need a lot of packages.
> Then it seems to me that there are only two alternatives:
>   make an huge /var partition, knowing that there will be a lot of
> unused space after your installation is complete, or
>   don't make a partition neither of /var nor /usr, make a huge /
> partition and let the system use the space as it needs.

Or just download the packages before installing them.


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