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Re: advanced power management and linux?

At 15.15 27/7/00 -0700, heu escrit:
>I'm researching new hardware for my linux box. I live in a small apartment
>so my main requirement is that the damn thing be quiet. Does anyone have
>reports of advanced power management working under linux? I know that is 
>in principle supported, but what are the results? The quietest machine
I've seen 
>was an IBM aptiva running windows, it was capable of shutting down
>everything when it went to sleep, as far as I could tell. 

>but I couldn't hear it. Tell me what kind of hardware you have and how
>quiet it is!  

	From my previous experiences, if you want noisy stuff (not Linux related,
just hardware related):

	Pioneer 36X DVD: very noisy.
	Creative CD-ROM 48X: very very noisy.
	Bulk CD-ROM 6X: very silent (well, the Playstation is also 2X and it's
very noisy! :) )

	In HDDs it's very difficult to guess:
				Quantum 8 Gb: very silent.
				Quantum 10 Gb: quite noisy.
				Samsung 1 Gb: very noisy.
				Samsung 10 Gb: very silent.
				Seagate 3 Gb: quite noisy.
				Seagate 4 Gb: extremely and insane noisy.

	Taking apart Seagate, very contradictory, isn't it?

	There is a company that sells PCs that seem to be silent (Silent Systems),
but sure they are expensive and guess what strange hardware there's inside!

	It's very hard to guess. If you want silence, you live in a small
apartment and you have some extra cash, buy a laptop and you'll get in love
with it (but check the hardware, do not get a winmodem with it!).

	Hope that helps,


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