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[NEWBIE ALERT] Interchangebility of manual install vs dselect/dpkg


I am relatively new to installing my own Debian system (2.1r4). Until now,
I have managed quite well with dselect. However, I haven't been able to get
X up and running yet on my video card (a Diamond Viper 550 16Mb).

I checked the various faq's and docs and they suggested I install 3.3.6 of
X86Free. So I got all those packages and installed them with dpkg. However,
I am still not able to get it to work (using the correct server + driver +
monitor details). An upgrade to 4.01 hopefully will do it for me - but it
is not yet available as a debian package.

Now coming to my real question: how interchangeble are the installations
done via dpkg/dselect and 'normal' installations via tarballs? I would like
to keep dependency information and such, and an updated list of installed
software for dselect.

With kind regards,

drs. Jean-Jack M. Riethoven

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