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Re: anyone knowledgeable enough pls help!

On Mon, 17 Jul 2000, Joseph de los Santos wrote:

> I'm going out of my mind....
> when a user logs in a terminal this is what will happen:
>  -automatically starts x-window, all keybindings and or hotkeys will be
> disabled, run netscape and it can't be closed without asking for the user's
> password. Can a script be used for this? and anyone kind enough to show me?
> Also, Maybe this can be done by adding/modifying xmodmap in the user's
> .xinitrc? if so, how? any help with be greatly appreciated.
> btw, what's the difference between keycodes and keysyms?
> Thanks in advance :)
I gues you already have enough good suggestions on the first two
issues. Now for the password. I think you could create a firewall that
would deny any X11 packets for closing netscape. Then you could add some
tool that would request a password, and if it finds it acceptable it would
change the firewall rules to permit netscape "delete_event". You have a
severe problem. You would need to read tons of documentation (esp. if you
follow my suggestion). I would be curious to know if you succeed to solve
it (and mostly HOW?).

Sorry, I can't offer anything better,
Pavel M. Penev

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