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apache-ssl won't render

Hello, again, all,

I'm in the process of setting up imp on my machine.  I got it to work just
fine with apache, but when I switched over to apache-ssl something odd
happened.  Httpd won't render .html or .php3 files anymore.  Netscape just
displays them as plain text files.

Also, when I point my browser to https://mattyt.net, Netscape replies that
/ can't be found on the server.  When I point it to
https://mattyt.net/index.html, it just renders the file as plain text.

I've scoured the list archives, deja.com and www.apache-ssl.org to no

He'p me!!

TIA :)


Matthew Thompson       http://mattyt.net
mattyt@oz.net          http://www.oz.net/~mattyt
--Someday, I'll have a web page.--

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