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Re: Boot floppy [URGENT] [SOLVED]

On 20 Jul, Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
> Thanks to Dave for suggestions that bring me to this working solution
> (also if it's for sure not the best).
> Simply during the install procedure before reboot the box substitute
> the link /vmlinuz with the custo kernel and rexecute lilo choosing in
> the menu (Boot linux directly from HD).
> Now the box is able to boot also if there might be some errors during
> modules dependencies calculation (floppy has 2.2.17-pre6-1 inside
> while i used a normal 2.2.16) that must be fixed in the next kernel 
> recompilation to make everything clean.

Although what you suggest will hopefully be fine, you'd be far wiser not
to overwrite the old kernel until you've verified that the new one is
working as you wish. Copy your new kernel to (say) /vmlinuz.new, and
edit /etc/lilo.conf to include both it and the old kernel. Also make
sure the "prompt" option is included - lilo.conf is well commented so
you shouldn't have too many problems. If the wheels fall off your new
kernel, you've then still got the old one to fall back to at boot time.

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