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Debian project leader speaks in Concord, California, October 17-19

Dear Debian Developers and Users,

I'll not be speaking about Debian, but about something else I care
about, ham radio. The "Pacificon" ARRL convention at the Concord
(California) Hilton will be held on October 17-19. Any Debian folks who
want to stop by and say hello (I think admission is $3) can find me at
the "No-Code International" table during most of the show. My talks

	Sunday 0900, Marconi Room: Spread Spectrum radio communications.
		It's wireless, and faster than ISDN! How it works, and how
		to get involved.

	Sunday 1100, Marconi Room: NO Code. Replacing Morse code tests for
		ham licenses with something more relevant.

	Sunday 1200, Morse Room: License Restructuring.
		I analyze the ARRL's license restructuring plan and 
		some alternative plans.

You can get a sample of what this is all about at http://www.nocode.org/ .
Pacificon information is at http://www.mdarc.org/ .


	Bruce Perens K6BP
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