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Re: [DEBIAN] Why does sendmail depend on procmail?

>>"Alexander" == Alexander E Apke <alex@unique.outlook.net> writes:

Alexander> I think another reason that people do not seem to be
Alexander> listing here is the fact the procmail is setup to be a mail
Alexander> filter as well as a delivery agent.  I think that reason
Alexander> alone is enough to justify its use instead of deliver.
Alexander> With procmail as the local delivery agent, I no longer
Alexander> require to run procmail through the .forward file, but can
Alexander> leave a .procmailrc in my home dir and let procmail filter
Alexander> my email.

	And I find that procmail is not pwerful enough for my mail
 filtering needs, and I choose mailagent. I think that deliver has
 worked flawlessly for me for many moons, and I do not want procmail
 on my system.

	But these are just opinions.

	They will vary.

	What we need are options.

	We should have both, and let sendmail depend on a virtual
 package, and people may make their own choices.

 who does not agree with his sig
 When choosing between two evils I always like to take the one I've
 never tried before. Mae West
Manoj Srivastava               <url:mailto:srivasta@acm.org>
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