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Re: debmake contains namespace pollution and bugs procedure

Ian writes:
>Christoph Lameter and I have been having a tussle over bug #7490
>(also #5682 reported by Owen Dunn).
>In it I complained about debmake's namespace pollution.  Christoph
>renamed 'done' and 'ok', but left
> uscan uupdate debi debc release todo build debpkg dch and debstdo
>All these binaries should be renamed to start with a common prefix.
>I would object to the use of the 'dpkg-' prefix.  I suggest 'debmk-'.

I have found the current short names convenient, but I agree that
these at least represent problems: release todo build.  

As a compromise, how about installing these programs in their own
subdirectory, such as /usr/bin/debmk?  That way they would not
conflict with someone else's programs, and a user could decide which
he wanted by adjusting his PATH.  They could also appear in /usr/bin
with a prefix.  (One entry would be a symlink.)

`debmk-' is rather too long for convenience.  I suggest these
alternatives:  dmk-  D  d

Actually, I find `dpkg-buildpackage' a bit too long also.  However, I
use bash's history search, so I can effectively shorten it to `^Rbui'

                                - Jim Van Zandt

p.s. IIRC, `build' was the name of the `make' variant that introduced
the concept of VPATH.  More useful semantics than the implementation
in GNU make, too.

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