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Re: another stupid question...

Hi Guy,
maor@ece.utexas.edu (Guy Maor)  wrote on 07.10.97 in <87vhz9bobn.fsf@slip-80-5.ots.utexas.edu>:

> "Paul J. Thompson" <thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu> writes:
> > when I send mail, my from address appears as:
> >
> >    "Paul J. Thomspon" <thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu>
> >
> > how do i get it to appear as:
> >
> >    Paul J. Thomspon <thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu>
> That would be a violation of RFC 822.

No, actually it won't.

> You can't have full stops
> outside of a quoted comment.

Wrong. What you can't have is doubled, leading, or trailing full stops,  
but the above example doesn't have those. (The blanks are not  

This would be a violation (trailing full stop):

 Paul J. T. <thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu>

> Your mail reader is putting them there
> automatically, and if you remove your initial it'll stop.

That may or may not be true, I have no idea. Maybe the mailreader author  
misunderstood 822 as well. Or maybe (s)he's just overcautious.

MfG Kai

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