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Re: Calling all Editor Maintainers!

> Ian Jackson <ian@chiark.greenend.org.uk> wrote:
> > If the sysadmin doesn't like the default editor and changes the
> > symlink in /etc/alternatives then update-alternatives will notice the
> > next time it is run for `editor' and switch to manual-only updates for
> > `editor'.  This means that the sysadmin's change will stick, provided
> > that they change the link in /etc/alternatives.  If the user changes
> > the link in /usr/bin or wherever their change will be undone.
> One caveat: unless I missed some reference to an external database,
> if the higher priority editor(s) get de-installed, then some other
> high priority editor gets installed, alternatives will be updated.

update-alternatives does maintain a database, which it uses internally
(for example, to record the priorities of the different alternatives
which are installed).

Deinstalling and reinstalling packages won't have any effect unless
you deinstall the editor which you manually made the link point to -
in this case it will go back to automatic selection.


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