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Re: [DEBIAN] Why does sendmail depend on procmail?

>>"Charles" == Charles Briscoe-Smith <cpb4@ukc.ac.uk> writes:

Charles> I think someone else mentioned a while ago that sendmail
Charles> would have to be reconfigured when deliver and procmail were
Charles> swapped.  (That is, if sendmail and deliver are installed,
Charles> and you then install procmail and remove deliver.)

	Does no one listen to me anymore? (I thought it was just one's
 wife ...). Any way, 
>>"Fabrizio" == Fabrizio Polacco <fpolacco@icenet.fi> writes:
Fabrizio> sendmail.cf:
>> A=/usr/sbin/mda $g $h $u

Fabrizio> and deliver's mda :
>> deliver -r $1 $3

Fabrizio> while procmail's mda:
>> procmail -Y -a $2 -d $3

	which allows for procmail and deliver to be hot swapped.

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