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abuse of mailing list - solution?

There has been some concern that some people have been subscribing other
people to the mailing lists without their consent. Maybe this should be
handled in the same way that the announce list is handled for my ISP

When the list-server receives a subscription request (from
"Barney@Rubble.com for Fred@Flintstone.com), it send an email to
Fred along these lines:

Someone (possibly you) has requested that your email address be added
to or deleted from the mailing list

If you really want this action to be taken, please send the following
commands (exactly as shown) back to "Majordomo@lists.debian.org":

        auth 37438346759 subscribe debian-devel Fred@Flintstone.com

If you do not want this action to be taken, simply ignore this message
and the request will be disregarded.

A message is also sent to Barney telling him what is going on (probably

Maybe we should also adopt this strategy, although I hate to further
hinder "legitimate" users (in the same way that regrete that many people
are Fred@nospam.Flintstone.com), maybe this is a necessary step.



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