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Re: another new package/debmake problems

Ulf Jaenicke-Roessler writes:

> Is it ok to use debmake? Recently there were some packages announced
> on debian-changes which claimed not to be done with the use of debmake.

I'd say use whatever works.  At present, I'm using debmake for all the
packages I maintain.  I guess I had better look into debhelper,

> Should a postinst-script test if the kernel is sound capable and output
> a warning to the user if it's not? Actually it would be no problem to
> examine cat /dev/sndstat.

I recommend not.  As the policy says, 

  2.3.8 Maintainer scripts
  Packages should try to minimise the amount of prompting they need
  to do...

During an initial installation, the user may well not be running the
kernel he expects to use this package under.  It might be okay to
print a warning without requiring any user input (so it doesn't
interrupt installation).

                             - Jim Van Zandt

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