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Re: Architecture all

Goswin Brederlow wrote:
> Why is the Quake Package set to Architecture all? Surely it doesn't
> make sense to install it on non i386 systems.

Er, here is an overview of architectures of all the quake packages:

squake_1.09-1.1-2.dsc:Architecture: i386
xquake_1.06-6.dsc:Architecture: i386

These are properly arch: i386 becuase I only have i386 binaries.

quake-lib-stub_1.4.dsc:Architecture: all
quake-lib_1.06-3.dsc:Architecture: all

These are architecture all, becuase they contain no binaries that are not
architecture dependant. Quake-lib-stub is just a perl script, quake-lib is
a file that quake should be able to read, no matter what architecture it is
compiled for. Sure, they are only of use on the i386 platform right now, but
that could easily change if quake compiled for another architecture becomes

So, what's wrong with this?

see shy jo

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