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Re: diety date?

>>       Why don't we make the name change official.
>>       Over the past month it seems about:>
>>        70% prefer 'diety'
>>        30% prefer 'deity'

i think what this statistic really means is that while 30% of us know
how to spell Diety and aren't typing too fast to get it right, 70% of
us either don't know how to spell it or need to slow down our typing.

>Uh... deity is a word, and diety isn't.
>Or is it supposed to be one of those recursive acronyms?  Diety Is
>Excellent To You.  Deity Eats Icecream That's Yellow.  Diety Is
>Eloping To Yokohama.  I'll stop now.

hehe.  i like that.  its nice to have all the serious mail broken up
by something funny every once in awhile.

however, since it works both ways (for both Diety and Deity), i think
we should come up with something for it to stand for.  like "Deity Eats
Ice Cream That's Yellow"...but a little more meaningful.

Brought to you by the letters E and K and the number 9.

Paul J. Thompson <thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu>

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