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.com and .net (fwd)

To Debian developers: I forwarded this FYI. Who knows, it may be useful some
day that debian.net and debian.com are available to us.

----- Forwarded message from Kelly -----

>From Tensai@mailcity.com  Mon Oct  6 09:27:33 1997
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Delivered-To: webmaster@debian.org
Message-ID: <343885C7.7821@mailcity.com>
Date: Sun, 05 Oct 1997 23:31:35 -0700
From: Kelly <Tensai@mailcity.com>
Organization: Innovatum Digital Solutions
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To: webmaster@debian.org
Subject: .com and .net

hi,.. im like not even worthy to talk to you guys but i think your
project is absolutely incredible. the non-profit nature of your project
is scary in the least. you guys are so great, i dont konw what i would
do if you couldnt afford to keep doing such work. i was checkin out
whois on internic the other day (cause i own a web server/shell server
company) running debian soon (like in 2 weeks) i might add. i noticed
debian.com and .net werent taken. i was scared that it might be
exploited so i got them. i want to let you know that if you ever want to
use them,.. ill let ya. i want to help your project. is there anything i
can do? i would like to be involved. maybe my company could be on a os
user committe or something to help you develope better advances and the
such. whatever. have a great day. please reply to tensai@mailcity.com
thanks kelly :o)

----- End of forwarded message from Kelly -----

To Kelly:
  We happen to agree that Debian is pretty good. Just wait though - it's
going to get much better over the next few months.

You ask what you can do to help. Here are a number of things you can do:
  Donate some money to Debian. It doesn't have to be a lot, but we do have
     expenses. If your business is based on Debian, you should be able to
     afford a fraction of what you pay the other guys for their software.
     Plus, since maintenance will be easier your profit will be higher.
  Subscribe to debian-user and help answer questions.
  Take over maintainence of a package or two (or three or four :)
  Subscribe to debian-devel and hang out for a while. You know what your
     strengths are and you may see a need that you can help with.

- Sue

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