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Re: Bug#13919: exim: Package badly broken! Many important files missed!

'foka@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca wrote:'
>Package: exim
>Version: 1.73-1
>I took a look of your debian/rules, and found it extremely long and
>complicated.  No offence, but I suggest that you either resume using
>debmake, or use debhelper.  Either of them can greatly simplify your
>debian/rules, make the file easier to maintain, and help prevent errors.

I have a technical disagreement with the value of a "simple"
debian/rules.  I think that the rules file should /document/ the
building of the package.  I dislike debmake's policy of hiding how a
package is built -- simply to get a "simpler" rules file.

Packaging should be self-documenting.

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