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Re: Coming soon ... "unofficial repository" for packages

> Jim,
> this is great! 
> Just one question, would you allow to upload libc5 versions of the hamm
> packages?
> Alex Y.

Well, the repository is for whatever you want to upload to it.  Whatever
you upload will go into a directory containing just your packages.  So
if you want to upload libc5 versions of hamm packages, there shouldn't
be any problem with that.

Of course, the preferable thing might be to just upload them to
stable on master.  I'm not really sure what the policy is for stable
as far as new packages are concerned.  Personally, I'm a bit concerned
that putting a bunch of new packages into stable for 1.3.1.rX is
problematic, since not a lot of people will be testing them.  Plus the
1.3.1.rX releases are supposed to be small and minor.

I posted previously on debian-user that I thought there would be room
for a distribution based on the Debian stable releases that are meant
to be "cutting edge, but stable".  Unfortunately, I don't think the
Debian project has the closely knit structure to nail down the
testing and release process to a timetable that cycles every month
or so.  We're much better set up for a 6 month turnaround -- primarily
the fault of our distributed nature.  But I think a small group (or a
commercial company) could do an excellent job of building a "cutting
edge, but stable" distribution based on the stable distribution with
some packages pulled and recompiled from unstable.  So it might mesh
well with the "unofficial repository" I'm going to build.

As for making a mini-distribution with Packages files - I guess that
could be done too, but it is a little bit beyond the scope of the
basic repository.  I'll have to think about that a bit -- maybe somebody
could build a tree of symlinks to other peoples directories in the
repository and use dpkg-scanpackages to make a Packages file?  That
would probably be easiest to implement if I handed out actual login
accounts to people who wanted to do that, I guess.

My first step though is just going to be to set up the upload queue
and dinstall process -- later this week.


 - Jim

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