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Re: [DEBIAN] Why does sendmail depend on procmail?


> > Procmail was designed to deliver the mail under the worst conditions
> > (file system full, out of swap space, process table full, file table full,
> > missing support files, unavailable executables; it all doesn't matter).
> I take nothing away from procmail when I say:  Deliver was also
> designed for extreme levels of robustness.  If you wish to praise
> procmail, be my guest.  If you wish to assert that Deliver is somehow
> inferior, however, I must demand either specifics or a retraction.

Some specifics:

* Try to  "chown a-rwx" your current personal mail spool file.
deliver is still able to deliver the mail, but it keeps the bad
permissions. procmail renames the old one and creates a new one with the
right permissions. I think procmail behaviour is better in this case,
because it actually solves the problem.

* Try to "chown nobody" your current personal mail spool file.
In this case deliver rejects the mail (it refuses to deliver it), while
procmail is able to rename the bad one and create a new one with the right
ownerships, as before.

These are just two quick examples. Any person having a deep knowledge of
*both* deliver and procmail (I have always used procmail) would surely be
able to tell some more.

Version: 2.6.3ia
Charset: latin1


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