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Re: Admintool/config tool

On Sat, 4 Oct 1997, Craig Sanders wrote:

> On Fri, 3 Oct 1997, Jason Gunthorpe wrote:
> dcfgtool is just a simple set of tools to work with a key=value text
> file database. 
> it doesn't handle any of these. it's purpose is to store and retrieve
> config values, that's all.  Some of these values can be used to generate
> config files, some can be used in /etc/init.d scripts (e.g. as booleans
> to decide whether to start some daemon or strings to define which
> command line options get passed to a daemon)

So it's own config files can't have comments and can't be changes

I'm not at all interested in the template ability, I -am- interested in a
config file system for Deity, and it would be nice if it was something at
least similar to something else, I don't much want to make yet another
different config file system.
> > How about multiple layers, like deity/ftp-method (presumably,
> > /etc/config/deity/ftp-method) and so on..
> not sure what you mean by 'multiple layers'.

Just if dcfgtool can use a path to specify the config file.

> > Ps, with Deity we are developing a Text/GUI widget set that might be
> > interesting to the admin tool group..
> have you considered basing it on the GTK used by Gimp?  

Yes and we are not. It would take more code (and result in a poorer widget
set) to write a front end of GTK and then rewrite most of GTK for text
mode. Our widget set uses somewhere close to 90% of the same code for text
and graphics and is not tied to X windows, slang, etc. It's also C++.

If you want a front end widget set then look at wxt, it's designed to be a
front end to other widget sets. It's now ported to GTK I belive..


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