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Re: debian hamm problems

joost witteveen wrote:
> route add
> I seem to remember discussions on linux-kernel about change that
> invalidated, and this caused a lot of troubles for redhat
> people (they had that by default in their scripts). Did you come
> from RedHat, by any chance?

I believe you got that the wrong way around.   I quote from the Changes
accompanying the kernel source:

: Network errors with recent kernels
: ==================================
:    Many default network scripts are set up to add a route to the
: localhost at at startup.  However, they do this incorrectly.
: To fix the error, which is now spotted by the kernel (causing many
: daemons to quit working), look for a line like `route add -net
:' in your network configuration files and change it to `route
: add -net'.
:    This error is present in all Red Hat distributions through Red Hat
: 3.03 (and derivative distributions like Caldera).  If you're running
: one of these, edit /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifup-lo, changing
: line `route add -net $(IPADDR)' to `route add -net' and you
: should be fine.

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