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compiling libraries and installing manpages

Hi.  I'm unsure how to handle a problem I've come across:  I'm trying to
package tclmidi,  a tcl/tk midi library that will be needed for the
rosegarden package.  It compiles itself fine via GNU configure,  but I'm
not sure how to make it debian-compliant.

	The thing is,  since the library can only be used within tclsh,
is there any point in a "tclmidi-dev" package?  I mean,  the tclmidi.so
file is pretty useless by itself,  in that you have to be running tclsh to
develop any apps for it.
	Secondly,  there's no support in the autoconf script for a static
library - do we need one?

	And one other (unrelated) question -- manpages should be installed
with owner & group == root, right?


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